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Pre-Ordering allows us to meet your demands as our valued clients, and also gives YOU ALL the means to secure YOUR desired items before these items are made available to the public, or are sold out. Items listed as “PRE-ORDER” are not currently in stock, but would be within a MAXIMUM period of 45 days. We will ALWAYS provide the date that the item will be available in stock/to ship out. So, once Pre-Order items arrive, they will be shipped out immediately to ALL PRE-ORDERED CLIENTS first, (to the shipping address provided to us at checkout) then the remaining items (IF ANY) would be put up for public buy. Pre-Orders are NOT eligible for Cancellations or Refunds (EXCHANGES ONLY in the event, we sent out the wrong item) *Keep in mind, All Pre-Order dates are approximate dates, based on information given to us by our Manufacturer or Vendor*.

This is due to the designer’s/ Manufacturers production and delivery schedule. And also sometimes ITEMS may arrive earlier or later than the anticipated date. DELAMOR FAB BOUTIQUE has no control over our supplier’s SCHEDULE, and we reserve the right not to be responsible for any delay with Pre-Ordered items, though Items are rarely delayed. We havent experienced a delay yet. However, in the event that it does happen, We would update All clients and our website accordingly.

*NOTE*: Since new items are added as needed, We will not exchange a Pre-Order item for an item that is in stock, simply because a client no longer wishes to wait for a Pre-Order item.

***** Also Note, Pre-Order Prices will be less pricey than when items are put up for Public buy*****


We pride ourselves on having a variety of products in FASHION, ACCESSORIES, BEAUTY and SKINCARE, for everyone who appreciates Trendy, Quality, Authentic and Effective Affordable to High-End  products. So thank you for coming through, we appreciate your support. Get your SHOP ON, and feel free to contact us with any inquires.